At the heart of the AFRI-PIANO series is the collection of compositions by South African composers for the developing pianist. With permission by the copyright holder(s), we then transform these compilations into publications of beauty and pedagogical value. This creative process is an uplifting experience, and we are proud to bring this rich and inspiring heritage to piano teachers and piano students.

I am Liezl-Marét Jacobs, a piano teacher with many years of teaching experience, from beginner to advanced level. I recall the joy of playing Trapsuutjies (Chameleon) by John Roos and Waterpoel (Pool of Water) by Hennie Joubert as a young child. I learnt many similar piano compositions from the UNISA music examination albums throughout my school career and developed an intense love for these works. I have taught countless of these wonderful compositions to hordes of students, who enjoyed them as much as I did as a youngster.

As I gained more experience in piano teaching, I realised the importance of keeping this heritage alive, and decided it would be a worthy cause to collect piano pieces by South African composers for the developing pianist. This project kicked off in 2017. The AFRI-PIANO series consists of piano compositions by late and living composers that needed to be reproduced. The series is ideal for every piano teacher and pianist who wants to enjoy this rich heritage. 

At most South African national piano competitions and eisteddfods, participants can perform a work by a South African composer. It is always tempting, as there is usually a prize for best performance of a work by a South African composer. Unfortunately, it is usually the same pieces we hear every year. Most music teachers don’t have the motivation and time to find new repertoire, and so we hope that the AFRI-PIANO series will be an easily accessible resource to solve this problem.

All the piano works are recorded, as they appear in the different volumes. These videos are available on our YouTube channel – Piano Pieces from South Africa. New recordings will be added on a regular basis. The AFRI-PIANO series might inspire young and established South African composers to compose for the developing pianist, and it may hopefully also attract pianists and teachers from other countries. May the AFRI-PIANO series be of value to you, whether you are a teacher, a young pianist, professional pianist, or simply a supporter of South African composers!