“Since my path crossed with Liezl-Maret in 2016, I was inspired by her approach and passion for teaching piano. When I started my Advanced Teachers Diploma through RSL, I could think of no one else to guide me through the process. Our weekly sessions were a true blessing! Not only did Liezl shared her knowledge and expertise with me, but also became a friend whose encouragement and gentle way to motivate helped me to complete the journey."
– Sanette Brink van Graaff-Reinet

“I’ve always thought piano music was exciting. But now that I am learning and re-learning with Liezl, I know it is not just exciting, it is everything! Just two hands can be a whole orchestra with the voices of trombones and cellos taking solo turns. A simple melancholy melody can transport you to a distant memory. All the thoughts and moods, and of the images of human experience can be brought into our soundscape by using our own two hands on the piano. And learning how to do it is the biggest joy to the mind and spirit. Thank you, Liezl!”
– Ida Jooste

I have been involved with the Afri-Piano project since March 2021. At first, I thought of it as an “interesting project”, but now I realize what a wonderful, ongoing journey this is. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Liezl-Maret Jacobs, who is a fine pianist and music educator. Her passion for this project is infectious, and she is always encouraging and appreciative.
 Engela Fullard

"For the last few months I have been collaborating closely with Liezl-Maret Jacobs and Engela Fullard on compiling, typesetting and editing three volumes of piano works written by my parents. 
The process has been intense, with both Liezl-Maret and Engela going all out to achieve the best result possible. Working seven days a week, they approached each piece with integrity and fastidiousness. The end result is very satisfying. The project itself, which preserves the legacy of South African composers is a very meaningful initiative. Personally I am deeply moved by the fact that my parents’ music – our heritage – is safe and now available to the larger public. I have learnt an enormous amount from these two wonderful ladies during our humour filled serious discussions. Thank you both, I am eternally grateful!"
– Charlotte Potgieter